Who Needs a Seat at Your Enterprise DLT’s Table?

Getting Stakeholder Engagement Right, The First Time

Who needs a seat at your enterprise DLT’s table?

Stakeholders Make or Break Your Blockchain Solution.

Your table can be big or small, formal or informal. What matters is you are bringing together a representative group to inform your design, development, and governance decisions.

Are the Right People at The Table? Ask These 3 Questions to Find Out.

1. Who Do You Eventually Want at the Table?

2. When Will They Arrive At The Table, and How Does That Impact Their Feelings?

Thank you Wikimedia Commons for this diagram!

3. Are you Leaving Anyone Important Out?

Starting conversations with existing industry groups and prominent regulatory bodies can seem daunting, but a little engagement can go a long way when it comes to forging partnerships on behalf of your DLT solution.

Getting Engagement Right, The First Time.



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