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Grants can be a great option when trying to fund your budding blockchain startup.

In the early stages of your startup’s journey, it's only natural to worry about funding; whether you are bootstrapping or trying to scale a venture-backed unicorn. In the blockchain space, the word “funding” often evokes images of VC firms, ICOs, and hackathon prize winnings. There’s one funding strategy for builders in the blockchain space that I think could use some more love: grants.

Grants Galore

In 2021 there are seemingly endless grant programs seeking hungry projects to fund.

Most of these grant programs are affiliated with specific chain ecosystems. These types of programs want you to build on their chain, use their…

Kirsten Pomales Langenbrunner Public Relations Communications Networking Coalitions Blockchain DLT
Kirsten Pomales Langenbrunner Public Relations Communications Networking Coalitions Blockchain DLT

It may feel overwhelming or demotivating that there are far fewer in-person opportunities to connect with new clients and associates than there used to be.

This can be isolating and make it hard to get dollars in the door.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

With geographic barriers breaking down due to online work, in some ways, there are now more opportunities than ever to build valuable relationships.

There are steps you can take today to be even better positioned to build partnerships and win clients via online means in 2021.

Here are the top three ways I’ve…

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All too often, I see founders in the blockchain space making the same mistake; a lack of human-centric design.

I’m talking about intimately involving who you’re project is serving in the process of designing, launching, and maintaining it.

If you don’t talk to those you intend to serve prior to designing your solution, you set yourself up for failure.

To build solutions that work, you must meet your target market, inspire people to co-create with you, and launch and iterate together.

Every stage of development should involve your target client and getting feedback from the people who are actually going…

Getting Stakeholder Engagement Right, The First Time

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Who needs a seat at your enterprise DLT’s table?

Here’s the situation:

You’re building a blockchain-based solution that will revolutionize the way your industry does business.

A few early partners have committed to help launch your multi-stakeholder solution.

Together, you’ve begun to recruit other industry players interested in storing data on the blockchain and maintaining your #singlesourceoftruth.

Things are pretty early-stage, but it finally looks like a full-fledged proof of concept is in sight.

Now that you’ve got a couple of committed partners on board, you’re eager to get started designing your platform, developing your tech, and determining your governance. While it feels natural to rush from planning into…

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Coalitions Consulting, 2020

The Top Three Coalition Patterns (And What You Must Know About Them)

What’s the best way to unite stakeholders around your enterprise blockchain project?

Partner with other companies to launch a consortium, then jointly fund and develop a distributed ledger technology (DLT)?

Is it better to hold off involving other stakeholders until after your blockchain project is underway — so you retain more control?

Or should you sell a blockchain-based solution to clients directly, without a coalition at all?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all way for companies to build their enterprise blockchain projects, most DLTs follow one of three coalition patterns. …

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A Scenario-Driven Analysis of IP Best Practices in B2B Partnerships

About The Webinar Discussion

The following transcript is from the webinar Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) in Partnerships; a scenario-driven webinar discussion on how to leverage best practices for IP protection to build more secure, mutually-beneficial business partnerships.

During the webinar, we discussed intellectual property implications for three types of partnerships:

  • A Software Integration Partnership
  • An International Marketing Partnership
  • A Blockchain Consortium

The webinar was hosted on June 25th, 2020, and featured commentary from Evan Smith of Cogent Law Group, Steve Oster of Oster McBride, and myself, Kirsten Pomales Langenbrunner of Coalitions Consulting. Thank you again, friends, for the incredible discussion.

Introduction to the Webinar


I just wanted…

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A Curriculum Maintained by the IEEE P2145, Working Group on Blockchain/DLT Governance Standards

The following curriculum is updated periodically with new modules and readings. The last update was made on August 20th, 2020. If you are interested in learning more about blockchain governance or contributing to our work, reach out to our Chair, Thomas B. Cox, or our Vice Chair, Kirsten Pomales Langenbrunner.

Module 1: An Introduction to Blockchain Governance

The Role of Governance

Governance Models and Design

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It Started as Just Your Average Two-Sided Marketplace

Hola! Örvendek! Gutentag! Kayfak? In my neverending search to connect with other humans, I’ve always been fond of learning new languages. That being said, I don’t resonate well with traditional courses, and find I learn a lot quicker through spoken conversation. When I stumbled upon iTalki two years ago, a two-sided marketplace for language learners and teachers, I became a fan immediately.

Want to learn Arabic? You can choose to learn an array of dialects from $3.00 an hour to $100.00 and up. You can choose to learn from a professional teacher, a college student, and anyone in between. All…

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Coalitions Consulting, 2020

TL;DR: Blockchain software startups can learn a lot about growth-hacking by observing startups in other industries. One great growth tactic: build B2B partnerships that help you reach new users. Through observing case studies in consumer electronics and beyond, blockchain startups can learn how to leverage B2B partnerships to increase user growth.

B2B Partnerships Matter

The B2B partnership is a classic growth strategy that has been successfully leveraged by companies for decades to increase usership and achieve the scalability that many blockchain startups dream about. While partnering with other companies is an extremely powerful tool, many blockchain startups are not currently…

Kirsten Pomales Langenbrunner

Managing Director, | SaaS & Blockchain Wonk | Strategic Coalitions & DLT Governance

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